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Clickfunnels Pricing Plans – clickfunnels pricing plans table comparison 2019. ClickFunnels Pricing – The pricing plans are as follows. Asn discussed in the video there is a $97 and $297 per month plans. Each plan gives you different items that are included.


However, there is good news: you can get a Clickfunnels discount for as low as $19 per month

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Included in the Clickfunnels cost is most major email integrations with major providers as well as a slew of other intergrations in each Clickfunnels pricing plan.

Here is an update about how my business has grown after choosing the Click Funnels Pricing Plan that was best for me

There are two different ClickFunnels plans The Cheapest Clickfunnels Price: $19 Share Funnel Getting ClickFunnels promo code to save up to 55% is a great choice just in case you do not want to spend a lot of money to buy ClickFunnels

Downpayment Assistance Programs In Texas

Down Payment Assistance Programs Texas

In this video we’re talking about the Down Payment Assistance Programs available to Home Buyers here in Texas. Specifically, TSAHC (Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation) Down Payment Assistance Program, TDHCA (Texas Dept of Housing and Community Affairs) and SETH (South East Texas Housing) Down Payment Assistance. These are excellent Down Payment Assistance Programs for Home Buyers in Texas. If you need assistance with your Down Payment, I hope you will find this informative!

Home Buying Assistance

Modere Lean Body Sculpting System Reviews

Modere’s Lean Body Sculpting System-The Review and Does it work?

In this video I’m going to talk about Modere’s Lean Body Sculpting system and a review on who it works for. Does this liquid gold, fat blasting system really do all it says it can do?

Lean Body Sculpting System Reviews

Modere’s Lean Body Sculpting System comes with Trim, Burn and Activate (check out the video tutorials linked in the video) and is clinically proven to shrink fat cells!

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Julie Reynolds is a leader in the network marketing industry who has had success building a team of over 1000 people. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.

How Many Calories

Topics in this will teach “ you how many calories should I eat in a day. “ This video will go through everything in order to teach you how many calories you need in a day through my hefty calorie formula.

How Many Calories Do I Burn A Day

Have a question to do with your health and wellbeing? Post in the comments section of this video

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Tai Lopez Real Estate

In this video, tai lopez talks about making passive income with real estate business and how you can do it without owning a single property or buying houses to earn the money. This is done through home sharing management business plan where you will contact people that own some properties to be rented and you receive part of the rental revenue from managing the property.

This is how you can make money with airbnb business and real estate with no money down, tai lopez also teach you how to do real estate business and own the properties, for more detail, you can click the discounted link above to the program where tai lopez is doing labor day sales of 90% off from the course original price.

Real Estate Business

Ownload Mp3 Music

Get familiar with HHW Next To Blow artist Justis Bratt. In our exclusive interview find out what it was like for her to perform with the legend Keith Murray, what artist are on her Mount Rushmore of women in music, and how she linked with Fred Da Godson.

Ownload Mp3 Music


Energy can and must work better for Africans. Billions at Play, the follow up to NJ Ayuk’s Big Barrels, tells us how.

As OPEC Secretery General Mohammad Barkindo says in his foreword, Ayuk is a dreamer. But he is a dreamer with an action plan and through this book, he gives Africans the tools to get more from the energy industry.


How did Africa get here and what comes next? How do African countries and societies get the most value from their resources? What exactly can African leaders do to put their countries on a sustainable, profitable path? And how can all parties win in Africa’s energy deals of the coming decades?

Ayuk expertly argues the case for greater female empowerment, better governance and more responsive national oil companies. He points the way to a more powerful African presence on the world stage through African OPEC membership and through energy value chain development, and examines America’s role in Africa.

A career dedicated to advocacy and deal-making in African energy make NJ Ayuk the most qualified individual to show how energy can indeed work harder and act as the engine for African growth.

Building on the success of his first book Big Barrels: African Oil & Gas and the Quest for Prosperity, NJ Ayuk in Billions at Play: The Future of African Oil and Doing Deals gives us his unique take on what leaders and investors can do to sign deals and build success in this complex business. Big Barrels gave us the African success stories. Billions at Play explains how energy can help achieve the African Dream.

Written by energy lawyer, NJ Ayuk, “Billions At Play: The Future of African Energy” explores how Africa’s oil and gas resources can fuel socioeconomic revitalization throughout the continent.

The book will be available in stores in October 2019.